This summer has been filled with many adventures and each adventure proves to be something so fun, amazing, and beautiful. California has so many amazing places and I'm always surprised by each one. Los Angeles was the very first experience I had in California, but let's be honest, that's not the the greatest representation of California. If you ever plan a visit to SoCal, hit me up so I can tell you all the fun places to go.

We visited a handful of places when Tyler's mom was in town and visiting Paramount Ranch was one of them. Tyler's mom is a huge Dr. Quinn Medicine Women fan and Tyler found out that the filming took place at Paramount Ranch, so we were off.

Paramount Ranch is located around the Santa Monica Mountains and it's super close to Malibu. We were thrilled as we got closer and closer because we kept driving further out in to the country. We love being outdoors and experiencing God's beautiful creation.

Walking around the small western town was so fun! There were only a handful of other people there and it wasn't too hot if you stayed in the shade. The old buildings were a blast and it was lovely being in a place that was so quite, quaint, and surrounded by nature.

That is Tyler and his mom. She had such a great time at the Ranch. Tyler is always so great at finding places that he knows people will love. Tyler always comes up with the most hilarious poses when he has his picture taken. Too fun!

Tyler and I have the hardest time getting pictures of the two of us. When we do get photos of us, I'm always pretty excited about it and we've been trying harder to document our adventures with us in them. What kind of summer adventures have you been on?