I have learned over time that I love encouraging people in their dreams. I love supporting them and I love being able to love them through their dreaming. This is a passion that Jesus continues to shape in me and I think it is something that he taught me through Tyler.

When Tyler decided to pursue animation and go to an entertainment school I knew that he needed lots of support and encouragement. This wasn't a week or two of support. This was years and years of support and encouragement. I have learned that it fills me with joy to learn the hopes and dreams of others and to do my best to encourage, love, and support them.


1.) Listen : There is something that is so amazing that happens we we sit and listen. We all need that. We need to be able to talk about our dreams, share our goals, and talk through our thoughts. Listening provides great support to someone because when they share with you, you help to carry their load.

2.) Speak Truth : Jesus instills dreams in our hearts and it's through him that our dreams are made possible. When we share our dreams it's so important to wrap them in Jesus's truth. When other's need encouragement it's Jesus' promises that will lift them up. When things feel impossible it's Jesus who provides peace to know he will provide. Be that vessel to speak truth.

3.) Speak Love : The words we use and the tone we use to communicate and encourage others is so important. All things can be said in love, even the hard things. Speaking love wraps someone up and Jesus uses that love to help propel them forward and provide affirmation.

4.) Make Time : I have watched Tyler and I both spend time with others that have encouraged us in our dreams. Something that has become really important to Tyler and I are are skype dates and Google Hangouts.

BethMeg, and I hangout once a month. We catch up, chat about our goals and dreams and encourage each other in our pursuits. Tyler meets up with his college buddies through skype and I have encouraged them to start meeting once a month. They chat about their goals and spend time encouraging each other. It is one of my favorite things.

5.) Be Gracious : Sharing our goals and dreams puts us in a really vulnerable place. Letting people into those parts of our lives also means allowing them to see the outcome and the outcome isn't always successful. Be gracious when other share their dreams with you. Be gracious when someone feels like they have not been successful. Help to pick them up and encourage them forward.

Something that has become really fun for me is encouraging others by sending fun notes. There is something really thoughtful and encouraging about getting a hand written note. How do you support the dreams of others?