How many of you look at other blogs or someone else's life and sometimes think, "man, they are so awesome." Ya, me too. Something I've learned though is that when I see things that I think are super great, I don't let it discourage me because I'm not there yet, I let it drive me forward. There are lots of great bloggers out there, lots of great photographers, and lots of great artists. We could sit back and become discouraged because we're not there yet, OR we could be inspired by their work and let it drive us forward.
When I see things I love or see others doing great things, they become my pace horse. I let their work drive me forward. I let it inspire me to want to be and do better. I let it drive me to be a better photographer, writer, blogger, and person.  I don't want to be discouraged by their accomplishments I want to be excited for them and I want to be inspired. I look at what they are doing and I ask myself questions. What do I love about it? Why am I so drawn to their work? And then I start working harder. I challenge myself to try different things and I stretch myself to think differently.
Let the achievements of others drive you forward. Don't compare yourself to them. Let their work challenge you as an artist. Let it strengthen your craft as you pursue greatness. It's not about being better then someone else, it's about be inspired by them. What photographers, bloggers, artists, and people are inspiring you? How can their work drive you forward? 

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