Photography Tips, Blog photo tips, how to take pictures for blogging

Photography is one of my favorite things. I love to capture bright color and beautiful lighting and I love being able to take a photo that draws people in. Photography is a craft that I'm sure I will continue to work on for a long time and  I hope to continue to grow in this wonderful art form. Recently, I've had lots of lovely comments mentioning my photos and I thought it would be fun to share my work flow at achieving quality post photos.

Photography Tips, Blog photo tips, how to take pictures for blogging

Taking photos for my posts and styling posts is something I am always learning and trying to do better. It's encouraging to look back a year ago at how I was taking photos and see how I have grown. Learning is such a blessing. These past few months I have found a really good groove in taking photos that have really helped me be efficient and take quality photos.

1.) Have a dedicated photo day

Taking all your photos in one day can really stream line your process and helps you be more prepared. I take photos once a week for posts for the next week. On a good day I can have the photos wrapped up in about 2 hours. This is huge for time management. Doing all the photos on one day means you only have to do things once. You only have to get out photo props once, you only have to get out a stool once, you only have to set up the photo set up once. With everything there all at once you can also find lots of inspiration since the only thing your thinking about is taking photos. 

2.) Keep track of you photo props

Keeping all your photo props in one place makes set up and tear down so easy and quick. I have a set of photo backdrops I use and different white foam boards to use to set up a photo box for the best lighting. I keep all of these items together so that I can just grab them all when I'm ready. I also have a good idea of the props that I use over and over again to style photos. I can grab all the different props and I'm ready to go.

3.) Brainstorm photo ideas

Sometimes the hardest part of taking photos is figuring out what you want to take photos of. Some of my most difficult photo shoots were ones were I wasn't really sure what I wanted. Before starting your photo shoot brainstorm ideas for each post your taking photos for. Create a Pinterest board that you can referrance for inspiration. Make notes of how each photo will look and make a list of props you will need. This will keep you on track and provide seamless transition.

4.) Lighting is everything

It really is true, lighting is everything in your photos. And sometime this can be super tricky. Don't be discouraged if you feel like you don't have enough light. You really only need one good window. Every photo I shoot I shoot in our living with one window, our sliding glass doors. It's the only source of light in our living room so I had to get creative with creating more rounded light. For every photo I take in our living room I create a photo box. I use one large white canvas as my backdrop and two white foam board as the sides. Using white bounces the light and helps to achieve an overall better lighting affect.

5.) Try different angles

When taking your photos remember to try different angles. Even one's that you think may not work. This will help you figure out ones that you like best and it will stretch you creatively. It also could mean that you'll end up withphotos that you would have never thought of.

Photography Tips, Blog photo tips, how to take pictures for blogging
Photography Tips, Blog photo tips, how to take pictures for blogging
Photography Tips, Blog photo tips, how to take pictures for blogging

Taking photos can be so rewarding and challenging. But with lots of practice, passion, and drive you can create quality photos that you really love and love sharing. All great art forms take practice, don't get discouraged in the beginning. Keep pressing forward, you'll create some wonderful photos!