Something I really miss about living in the city is taking in beautiful scenes of God's creation. I miss long drives on country roads, the blaze of a star filled sky, and the dance of trees on a windy afternoon. We miss the sounds of the outdoors and the crisp clean air. Last weekend we got away on a camping trip and got to breath in all the beauties of the earth. It was magical and majestic, it was beautiful and breathtaking.

We discovered that with only an hour drive we could experience all those things we had been missing. We entered Angeles National Forest and we entered a different world. We had no idea some place so beautiful set so close to the busy, hustle and bustle city streets we spent our everydays on.

The drive into the forest left me awestruck, such beauty. Mountain scapes painted across the skies, tree painted mountain sides and as we drove we were nestled under the protection of the roadside trees. The drive itself is an experience and worth every minute.

Each day was filled with something beautiful. Small details of natures touch, large breath taking views, and hikes along the mountain side. We found a place that felt like home, we always seem to feel at home in the mountains nestled under the trees. Where are places that you get away? xo. Samantha