My favorite types of projects are the ones that come together quite easily.  Projects that only require a few supplies, projects that can be worked on with supplies I already have. If you're looking for a quick and easy DIY project this is the place for you, because that is how I roll.

Here in SoCal the leaves don't really change and the weather only cools a little. No seasons in SoCal, people. So one day I decided I would pick up some fake Fall leaves and when I got home they went directly in a mason jar. I had my Fall leaves and I had my mason jar. The one down fall, those fake stems aren't super cute and I wanted a way to dress up the mason jar.

I thought about spray painting the jar gold with spray paint. I really do love gold spray painted jars, but I wanted something that I could change, something that wasn't permanent. And then I thought, washi tape! Yes! Washi tape is perfect! It would add some fun color, but I could still remove it later. This project is so easy too. All you have to do is pick out your washi tape and add a design to you jar.

Easy peasy! Right? I love how this jar turned out, quick, easy, and super adorable. How is your holiday decorating coming? Are their any items you could dress up with some washi tape, share your projects with us! #ElahTreeProjects  xo. Samantha