I have been on the search for something for my camera for a long, long, time. I love traveling with my camera, I love taking it on trips, on day outings, hiking, camping, you name and I want it with me. I have two different dslr camera bags, both hold my camera as well as a handful of different accessories, both are great, but I don't always want to take the whole thing with me. What I really have been wanting is a camera cover. Something that is specifically for my camera, something that will keep it safe and protected while it goes with me everywhere.

I was thrilled when I finally found something that would fit what I was looking for. Enter Camera Coats. Seriously friends, I have been looking for something like this for so long. Camera Coats are covers specifically for your camera. The are the cutest camera bags that your camera fits in nice and snug so you can travel with it everywhere. I love that I can put my dslr camera in the camera cover and head right out the door. I also love that it protects my camera while it's in my purse. I don't always want to take a huge camera bag to a social event, so I love that my camera can go straight into my purse in it's camera cover.

I think these camera coats are the greatest ever! I also think they are a perfect gift for photographers! xo. Samantha