1.) Pull Tab Wallet : When I found this pull tab wallet I thought it would be so perfect! Classic, clean, all leather, and I love the idea of it being used for business cards. When Tyler went to CTN a couple of weekend ago he needed something for his business cards and this would have been perfect.

2.) Black Diamond Headlamp : If there is one thing I know about headlamps it's that Tyler uses his all the time for everything. Perfect for a stocking and great for everyday projects. 

3.) Steel Carabiner Mug : For the one with an adventurous and outdoor door heart this steel mug is perfect. I love the carabiner handle too.

4.) Aviator Socks : Every man needs a good pair of socks and these aviator socks are the ticket. I love the different colors and they are made in the USA!

5.) Scout SkinCare Kit : This skincare kit is travel size friends, perfect size for a stocking a great for the travelers in your life.

6.) Walnut Tablet Dock : I stumbled upon this tablet dock and new it would be perfect. Great for in the kitchen, for watching movies, watching tutorials, or referencing material. 

7.) Handheld Hydrator : This handheld hydrator is perfect for the runner or hiker in your life and it even has a zipped security pocket.

8.) NorthFace Etip Gloves : These gloves are touch screen compatible! Keep those hands warm while making calls, texting, and surfing the web.

9.) CamelBak Stainless Steel Canteen : The Kakacs are big fans of Camelbak and I couldn't not include this stainless steel canteen, perfect for everyday use while being out and about.

10.) Clif Bar : Finish off that stocking with healthy and hearty snacks. Clif Bars are a perfect on the go snacks and they are so good for you.

What are you stocking stuffer plans?