I once read an article in which the author was sharing her thoughts on blogs and how they are really just edited versions of our lives. We don't share every single detail, because there are just certain things you don't share with the whole world. I was thinking about this after a friend told me, "everyone will have a preconceived notion of what they think your life is." Amazingly enough, I found comfort in that statement because it was something  I had been thinking, and I was glad that I was not alone.

The spaces that we share online will be viewed with preconceived notions from others. We all read stories, view photos, and take in glimpses of another person's life and perceive it for something we think it is. However, our preconceived notions are often not quite right, because we don't see the whole picture. I say all of that, because sometimes it's a struggle to read blogs and see pictures and think "wow, look at how cool their life is." And then we struggle with comparing our life to theirs. But the things is, we only have a preconceived notion.
I think we all strive to share our lives in a genuine and real way because we hope our stories will help and encourage others. I think that this is what makes communities so beautiful and just want to encourage you dear friend, think past those preconceived notions and remember that we each carry our own struggles and we each desire to encourage and inspire.
I was inspired to share this bit of my heart because I was struggling with preconceived notions. I was feeling that people may have preconceived notions about my life and I knew I was struggling with preconceived notions of others. We're all on a journey, we're all learning, we're all striving, we're all hoping. xo. Samantha

P.S. I totally didn't take these photos in an orange grove. They're in my cousin's back yard. I just loved that title. ;)