I've been thinking about this post for two weeks now. At one point I had it all written out in my head, I never remember what I wanted to say in  those posts though. Two weeks ago Tyler called me from work. The first thing he said to me was, "are you sitting down?" I knew what would come after that sentence. The tears started to roll and my heart began to swell. What we had been praying for for months and months was finally unfolding.

Tyler and I both struggled through the conversation as he told me that he had an interview. That's a whole lot of emotion just for an interview, right? Well, about a year ago I started to pray for this interview. This has been the fire that has burned inside. This has been the fire that I refused to let die out. Many of the posts this season that I wrote about waiting was about this and it was hard. I believed that Jesus had something for us and I knew we were in the waiting.

So, are you wondering what I'm talking about it? Let's just get it all out there. We're moving to Connecticut!!!! I'm so excited! I'm over the moon! I was so overwhelmed with emotions for days and days and I cried for days and days as well. It was the most amazing thing to see everything come together and be in awe of how Jesus worked everything out. Hopefully, one day I'll get it all written down. Now, on to why we are moving to Connecticut. We're moving for Tyler's career. He will be starting at Blue Sky Animation Studios on January 26th, which means will be moving on January 17th. Phew! It's all happening so quickly and we're so exited.

This space will look a little different this month, but I'll still be around. My hope is to document all of our moving experiences and share them with you. Stick around, a lot is going to happen this month. xo. Samantha