Seven days on the road was a little tiring, but what an adventure it was. I love that we went completely across the nation. There were times when we were tired, there were times we were a little grumpy, but there were also times filled with laughter, games, joy, and excitement. We started our journey last Sunday morning. Our morning was a little more stressful then we would have liked... we had to repack the trailer and squish everything in our car. We got it all in there though and we were on the road.

I was so excited to begin our journey. I felt like our moving day would never come and it just didn't feel real until we were on the road. We were pretty determined our first two days of travel. We needed to make it to Joplin in a good amount of time because we had a lot we needed to take care of once we got there. 

We traveled across the southwest on I-40 and took in lots of beautiful desert, mountain scenery. Traveling across the southwest in January is actually very beautiful because it's the one time of year that everything looks a little bit more green. The winter month's there are the best.

Our first day's goal was to make it to Albuquerque, NM and we did! Whoop! By the end of the day we were ready to call it a day. We grabbed a hotel and settled in for a good night's sleep. We were super tired. We hit the road again the next day and our goal for that day was to make it to Joplin. We made our way through Texas and Oklahoma.

We ate lots of sandwiches, lots of cuties, twizzlers,  and plenty of hummus and snacks. One thing that we did that was really fun was taking pictures of Toothless at all of our stops. We did forget a couple of times, but he did make an appearance in Texas.

We arrived in Joplin late on Monday. We unloaded our car, ate some good food, and went to bed. Boy does travel and moving across the country make a person tired. All I wanted to do was sleep and sleep and sleep. On Tuesday we had to unload our trailer and pack everything in our storage unit. We didn't keep a whole lot of items so unloading things out of our 4x8 trailer didn't take to long. We ran a couple of errands and then our next goal was to go through the items that were going into the car. We had to make sure everything was going to fit. Before hitting the road again we purged some more and repacked some bags. We actually repacked our storage unit twice too, because we wanted to put down pallets.

We only spent two days in Joplin taking care of everything and the time flew by. We stayed focused on all of our moving goals and made sure we got everything accomplished. That was a little tough because we would have loved to spend time with more friends and family, but we just weren't able to.

On Thursday we were on the road again. Our driving goal for this day wasn't as long as the first two as our Thursday goal was to make it to Nashville. We made good time and was able to have dinner with Tyler's dad. I ended up going to bed early that night because I was so tired. Friday and Saturday were two of my favorite days of driving because we were finally venturing to a part of the states that I had never been too.

Slowly everything started to turn white and history poured out from the country sides. It was so beautiful and one of the loveliest drives of the trip. As we continued east I kept thinking about our time driving through the southwest and I loved how different each region was. We spent a lot of our last two days driving in the rain and snow and we then we were greeted with more snow by yesterday's snow storm. We are slowly settling in and getting lots of rest. The rest has been my favorite. We can't wait to explore more of our new home and I can't wait to share it with you. xo. Samantha