Tyler and I sat having dinner with a friend and we started talking about prayer and dreams. I shared a lot about my prayer journey. More then I ever had before and one thing that I said that sticks out to me was this; I believe that Jesus uses me as a vessel in Tyler's career.

What does that mean? It means that I wholeheartedly believe that Tyler's industry is our mission field. It's not just his mission field, it's our mission field and I believe that our relationship as a team is used by Jesus to touch and reach others. I have come to love the different people we meet and I have had amazing opportunities to connect with them more easily.

Wherever Tyler is working I know that I am supposed to connect with his team members. I know I'm supposed to encourage Tyler to ask them over for dinner. I know that I'm supposed to send cookies to work. I know that it's those small things that opens heart and open doors.

I have never had anything burn inside me like the passion I have for working with Tyler to reach out to those in his industry. We love with the little things. We love with baked cookies. We love with dinner invites. We love with smiles and open hearts. How do you embrace your mission field?  xo. Samantha