It's been a long time since I have seen this much winter. I had come to miss it. Growing up in Missouri I became accustomed to all the seasons. When I went from having all the seasons to having none, it was sad. I love the changing seasons. I love warm summer days, the changing fall leaves, blankets of snow, and the freshness of spring.

During our drive here the snow started to fall and we've had snow every day since we have arrived. It has been lovely and beautiful. It has been still and quiet. The snow is sweet how it blanket's the earth. We've been asked a few times if we are tired of the snow. Our answer has steadily been no. We love the snow and we've only been here a few weeks. Enough time hasn't passed yet to hold any dislike for the snow. Maybe in 3 to 5 years. ;)

Some seasons of life are more difficult then others, but each hold an opportunity to learn something new. Are you finding beauty in your winter days? xo. Samantha