Before Tyler and I knew we would be moving, months and months before we knew, I told him that once we make it to Connecticut we would have to go to Mystic Pizza. A little small town pizzeria in Mystic, Connecticut that became the location for the movie Mystic Pizza. It's on Netflix, friends, check it out.

When Tyler and I started chatting about what we wanted to do when Meg came to visit, Mystic pizza went on the list. I had researched it's location before and I knew exactly where it was, 2 hours east on the coast. We headed to Mystic Pizza on a rainy Saturday morning.

After our drive and a short walk through the rain we had finally arrived. It was nestled into the cutest little down town area and it had a warm and cozy small town feel. We requested a window table, because that is where the best light is and spent the first few minutes snapping photos. One can't order just an ordinary pizza from Mystic, so I asked our server what their famous pizza was. We ordered the house special and an appetizer of fried pickles. How is it possible that fried pickles can be so good?

The pizza was amazing, the fried pickles equally amazing, and the staff was so nice. We took picture after picture, checked out the many movie related memorabilia, and I even walked away with a tshirt.

Even though it's a 2 hour drive it was totally worth it and I would totally go back again. I can't wait to go on a nice clear day, walk  the down, eat more pizza and take more pictures. What is one of your favorite pizzeria's? xo. Samantha