Our first stop after Grand Central Station was Bryant Park. It was morning, it was quiet, and the park was empty. It was a great first stop. New York City really is magical. While the trees were still missing their leaves, their branches beautifully arched over the walk ways.

There was table after table and seat after empty seat. I'm sure in warmer months the park is full of life, joy and laughter. But it was beautiful to see it empty, to see how it serves as a home to so many. With the park in the center, the streets were lined with beautiful architecture.  We strolled through the park, taking photos, making memories, and filling the park with our own joy and laughter.

When Tyler and I travel or go on adventures we don't often get pictures of us together. We were so grateful that Meg snapped so many pictures of us. So you if see us together know that it was her behind the camera. New York City has been by far one of my favorite adventures, I'm sure I'll say that many times within all the NYC posts. I'll remind you each time, just in case your forget. :) What have been some of your favorite adventures? xo. Samantha