There is something really magical about trains, don't you think? Trains always seem to remind me of a simpler time. A time when trains were the only and greatest form of transpiration. Trains take you to magical places, they offer an opportunity of ease. One simply has to get on, sit down and enjoy the ride.

Our train was taking us to New York City. Only a 45 minute ride, destination Grand Central Station. We entered the train car and I searched for an empty three row aisle. Most of the aisles were taken but I saw three row seats facing each other with only one passenger, so we hoped in. I love seat facing rows, because then everyone can sit facing each, chat and take lots of pictures.

Our train ride ended before we knew it, with only one other stop before Grand Central. I desperately wanted Grand Central Station to be magical. I wanted it to be exactly like I built it up in my head, I wanted there to be movie magic. And to all my hopes and dreams, it was. It was beautiful, it had such history, and because we arrived in the morning it was rather quiet.

You can easily spend lots of time in Grand Central Station taking pictures, looking around, eating, and taking more pictures. I love the feeling of the history and stories of everyone who has passed though it's terminals. Have you been to Grand Central Station? What have been some of your favorite train rides? xo. Samantha