LOCATION: White Plains, NY // DETAILS : UniQlo Peanuts Top (similar)   ||   Floral dress (similar)   ||  Grey boots (similar)   || Bar Pendant Necklace (similar

It's officially Spring. How lovely, don't you think? It actually snowed on the first day of Spring. I ended up wearing shorts for fun and drinking hot chocolate. ha! I was wishing and hoping for some warmer days, but they actually haven't come yet. I decided even if it wasn't warm I was going to celebrate spring anyways. So I threw on one of my favorite spring dresses and a favorite sweatshirt.

We headed outside and I lasted about 10 minutes before the shivers set in. I was determined though and we snapped a handful of photos while I ran around trying to stay warm.

I'm looking to forward to paring a few more Spring layers and slowly yet surely breaking out a few more warm weather items. I can't wait! xo. Samantha