These past few months have felt a little rough. Mostly in the sense that I felt like I was standing still. I hadn't been generating to many ideas for content and I felt like I was struggling in my photography too. Moving across the country, purging nearly everything we owned and taking up residence in a new state can really zap your creativity. Our transition was amazingly smooth and I felt blessed through it all. I didn't feel too stressed out, I didn't feel the need to rush ahead. I felt Jesus had covered me in His peace and helped me to let go of so many things I felt like I needed control of. He used this time to shape me and it was so good for me.

I definitelystill feel like we're in transition, but I'm able to look at it now with better understanding. I'm able to give grace to myself and work on ways to stay better inspired through this time.


1.) ALLOW FOR THE TRANSITION : A part of me wanted to rush ahead through all of the transition we're in, but that's just not going to happen. Embrace the transition your in and accept it. Give yourself grace. Now that ideas won't flow the same. Take the pressure away and ideas will come.

2.) BE OPEN TO CHANGE : If your in transition that usually means that everything has already changed. What I mean by change is, allow yourself to do things differently then you had before. Change up the way you structure your week, change up the way you plan your posts. Give yourself a lot of wiggle room for change. This will allow inspiration to come.

3.) QUIET TIME : Spend time with Jesus. Jesus is the most creative person you will ever meet and He fills up our creative cups. The time we spend with Him is so precious and it's during those times that He quiets our hearts, brings us close to Him and helps us focus.

4.) CHALLENGE YOURSELF : Find new ways to challenge yourself. Whether it's a creative challenge, an intellectual challenge, or something else, challenging yourself with help create your creative juices flowing.

5.) ASK FOR HELP : There have been lots of times where I have had ideas but I wasn't able to conceptualize a finished post or I had writers block. Asking your friends to chat about your ideas is a great way to stay inspired. They are there to bounce ideas off of and they will help you work through your creative blocks and stay inspired.

Finding inspiration during big life transition can be tough. This season of transition has taught me that often times I simply need to give myself some grace and rest. Its usually after all that grace and rest that inspiration comes. How do you stay inspired during transition? xo. Samantha