I started my photography journey when I was in college, and I spent my first year behind the camera in 2009.  These last few weeks I have been really trying to bring myself back to a place of challenging myself. I want to pursue photography as I did that first year. I want to push myself and try new things. Every craft is a journey and as long as we desire we can continue to learn more and push ourselves forward. It's my hope to always be trying to do what I cannot, and with that I have put together a photography challenge.

The Lens Revolution: this will be a place of challenging ourselves and each other. A place of community and encouragement. A place to sharpen our craft and ourselves. A place to grow in our photography. And most importantly a place to constantly challenge ourselves to do what we can not do.


There will be a total of 10 challenges and they will take place over the next few months. The challenges will take place every week on Wednesday. I want everyone to really spend time practicing each challenge. Rushing ahead in photography doesn't work. Just like rushing ahead in a painting doesn't work. You want to really understand your craft in order to create the masterpiece you want.


SHOOTING IN MANUAL - APERTURE & SHUTTER SPEED : Something that happens when you first begin taking photos and something that happens when you forget to shoot outside of your box is that you get stuck shooting in the same aperture. When I first started shooting with my 50mm lens I shot everything at an aperture of 1.8. Now, these photos look great because they have beautiful bokeh. But photography is more then shooting at the same aperture over and over again. It's about understanding your environment and the subject you are shooting.

For this challenge you will shoot3 to 5 objects at 5 different aperture settings 1.8, 5.6, 7.1,11, 16 or 5.6, 7.1, 11, 16, 20 depending on the lens your are using.  These should be small items so that you can get each item in frame; chapstick, fruit, glasses, coffee mugs, ect. As your aperture changes you will be adjusting your shutter speed as well. This challenge is incredibly important as it will give you a better understanding how your aperture and shutter speed work together to create art. This is also crucial in helping you understand the importance of shooting at different aperture settings. This is the foundation for the rest of the challenges.


Every week beginning on March 25th we'll come together, share our creative triumphs and encourage one another in The Lens Revolution. I will have a link-up ready so that you can connect with others and we'll also be hashtaging our journey with #thelensrevolution. Each week I will announce the new challenge for the following week. 

  • CHALLENGE 1 : March 25th
  • CHALLENGE 2 : April 1st
  • CHALLENGE 3 : April 8th
  • CHALLENGE 4 : April 15th
  • CHALLENGE 5 : April 22nd
  • CHALLENGE 6 : April 29th
  • CHALLENGE 7 : May 6th
  • CHALLENGE 8 : May 13th
  • CHALLENGE 9 : May 27h

THE EXTRAS : Once the challenge has commenced for this season I will share two behind the scenes posts, sharing the details of our style shoots and the details of how I prepare and style/stage every day shoots.

Friends, I'm so excited about these challenges and I hope that you find it encouraging and helpful. Being able to take my knowledge and make it teachable has actually been a little bit of a struggle at times so hopefully these challenges will help. Please let me know if there are any specific photography topics you would like me to cover or any specific challenges that you would like to tackle! Also, let me know your questions; questions about photography or questions about the challenge. Can't wait to journey along with you! #thelensrevolution. xo. Samantha