Friends, I'm doing a special weekend recap today, because this weekend was so crazy fun, full of adventure and we have so many photos to share that this post is just the beginning. Meg came to visit this weekend and we had lots of fun things planned. We didn't tell her any of the plans until she arrived in hopes of surprising her with each adventure.

We had so much fun and I kept exclaiming how amazing each adventure was. We started on Friday with lunch at Blue Sky Studios and a tour, Saturday we drove to Mystic, CT to try the famous Mystic Pizza, from the movie Mystic Pizza, and on Sunday we took the train to New York City!

Each adventure was more amazing then the next. Everything we had planned with Meg we had never done before ourselves, so we all got to experience it together. Well, except for New York, both Tyler and Meg had been there and I hadn't. But it was amazing none-the-less.

Whew, there is so much to tell about all these adventures, but today is just the beginning. I have lots of different posts planned to share each adventure and all the fun details. I'm so excited to share all the photos and tell all the stories. We had so much fun in New York, I can't wait to go back! xo. Samantha