Occasionally I need a reminder, a reminder to whole heartily embrace my journey. To squeeze the stuffing out of this journey that is uniquely mine and stop looking around and wondering why my journey doesn't look like someone elses.

That happens a lot sometimes. I look around at others and think how grand their journey must be. How they are able to do certain things or go certain places or experience different things. And through those thoughts I take away from my own journey. I let my own journey pass me by as I stand admiring everyone elses. I forget that Jesus crafted my journey specifically for me and through this journey He has given me, He is working out His purpose.

A few months ago I applied for a job. When we made our move out here I decided it would be a good time to look for work outside the home.  This job was one that I was rather excited about and looking forward to, but I didn't get it. There were circumstances regarding the job that took me out of the running even though I was a highly considered. I didn't get too upset about not getting the job. Every job I have applied to, interviewed for and then been turned down for has always led to something better. These moments sometimes make me look up and outward at other people's journeys, but then I'm reminded how these moments shape my journey in the very best way.
My journey will never look like anyone elses and I want to embrace that. I want to embrace my journey for exactly what it is, which is mine. I simply have to keep looking forward, eyes on Jesus, and trust where He is leading me. The journey that He has laid out for me is the best one I could ever be on. xo. Samantha