Whew, Can you believe we're already on to our third #thelensrevolution challenge? How did things go this past week with understanding your ISO? I hope your experience was positive and that the challenge stretched you and helped you when faced with extreme light circumstances.

This week we're chatting about lighting. Photography is all about lighting and the word photo actually means light. Anything and everything about photography has to do with the capturing of light. There are two main lighting sources that we'll be chatting about today;  direct light and indirect light. We'll also be chatting about side lighting and back lighting, two different forms of direct light.

In most cases, indirect light is a photographers best friend.  A great example of indirect light is overcast days. The light on overcast days is more even and balanced. The light comes in on all sides.  Overcast days are great when shooting portraits, because it provides even light reducing shadows.

Direct light

is light coming in directly from one side. A great example of direct light is shooting mid day when the sun is out. The light from the sun is coming in directly from one side. Direct light often leads to lots of harsh shadows. When shooting portraits shooting in direct light isn't ideal. However, direct light can be perfect for other light situations in which you want to create shadows, dynamic light, and texture.

Side light

is an example of direct light and is a great example of using direct light to create drama and mood. Using direct light as side light is intentional, you are taking you direct light source and using it to tell a story, create mood and add drama.

Back lighting has been for many years one of my favorite styles of lighting especially during the magic hour. Even though the light is coming in directly from behind because the sun is setting the light is softer.