The Plaza! Are you hearing quotes from Bride Wars in your heard? Every time I think of the Plaza I think of that movie. The Plaza and Central Park were our last stop during our New York City day of adventures. Before moving to New York, Tyler's sister told us that when we go to The Plaza to go downstairs because it it full of little eateries where you can try different foods that are scattered all through out the city in one place.

When we got to the Plaza I couldn't wait to find all these different eateries. I wasn't even sure what I wanted, I just walked up and down the aisles looking at all the different options and then I saw it, cupcakes. Well, of course, I had to get a cupcake from the Plaza. I had a cupcake in hand and we headed to Central Park. We were going to eat our cupcake in Central Park, and how lovely it was.

Apparently all things remind me of movies I have seen, because the minute we walked into Central Park I instantly thought of Home Alone 2. I love that you can see The Plaza from the park, it's so beautiful. Central Park is huge and we only explored a tiny pit, but it was so fun. I can't wait to go when the trees are full and green. Have you ever been to Central Park? Make sure to pick up a cupcake while you're there. xo. Samantha