How to create a media kit, media kit tips

For the most part, I have a running to do list. How about yourself? Sometimes I put items on my to do list and they never get done. I'll have lots of items crossed off, except for one or two and those last few items will migrate to a new list. Creating a media kit was one of those items. I wrote it down one day last year and never go to it. Until now. The catalyst this time was having a few friends tackle creating one also.

There are lots of different types of media kits and if one of your goals is to work with brands then you may want to add a media kit to your list as well.

How to create a media kit, media kit tips


1.) WORK WITH A FRIEND : It's always helpful and beneficial when creating anything to be able to have the input and advice from others. You can ask how well your design has come together, you can ask about pertinentinformation to include and have them proof read it as well.

2.) FIND EXAMPLES OF MEDIA KITS YOU LIKE : There are tons of examples of media kits all over the internet. Find a few that you love and reference them as a guide. They can serve as a jumping off point to get you started.

3.) INCLUDE YOUR BLOG DESCRIPTION : Your media kitis a representaion of your work and brand. Make sure to include your blog description. This may be your mission statement and topics you blog about.

4.) STATS, SOCIAL MEDIA & DEMOGRAPHICS : Brands are interested in knowing your overall reach. Provide them quick stats, your social following, and your reader demographics. Let them know the audience that they will be able to connect with.

5.) PARTNERING OPPORTUNITIES : Let brands know what you are offering. Break down your partnering packages, so that they know how they can best partner with you.

How to create a media kit, media kit tips

6.) PARTNERING RATES : Once you've outlined how brands can partner with you, let them know your rates. Keep things sweet and simple, so they can skim through.

7.) BRAND COLLABORATIONS : The purpose of a media kit is to let brands know that you are ready and open to collaborating. Outline some of the brands you have already worked with.

8.) CONTACT INFO : Don't forget your contact info. Most of the time you're already corresponding when a media kit is requested, but always make sure they have a way to contact you.

9.) HEAD SHOT : Let them see your pretty face. Most correspondence happens via email. Let me know who you are.

10.) SAVE IT AS A PDF : PDF's across the board, friends. Everything these days are saved and sent as PDF's. It makes downloading and viewing so much easier.

How to create a media kit, media kit tips


* INCLUDE LOTS OF PICTURES :  Make sure they are your own work so you are able to show case your work.

* CLICKABLE LINKS : If possible, when creating your pdf create clickable links.

* KEEP IT CURRENT : Your stats are always changing, keep those numbers updated, especially if they are constantly growing.

* CONSIDER ADDING TESTIMONIALS : Let brands know that super rad people loved working with you and include their testimonials.

Are you thinking about creating your own media kit? Are you currently in the process? What has been most helpful in the creation of your media kit? xo. Samantha