A couple of weekends ago we ventured through the New England coast again. Tyler and I love history and we're always beaming with excitement at what historic sites we can travel too. For this adventure we decided to head to Newport, RI. I just love that we live in New York, but can travel through two different states in one day.

On our way to Newport we stopped in MysticMystic has become a favorite stop for us on the coast. It such a small quaint town and I could spend all day there taking photos and eating pizza. For this trip we stopped in for a quick ice cream, although I opted for a warm drink because it was a pretty cool day.

We stopped at Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream, picked up our sweet treats, took a handful of photos and took in the quaint beauty of the city. After Mystic, we were off to Newport. I had done a little bit of research to check out the best local eateries and pick out a few places we would like to visit. For lunch we decided on Clarke Cooke House. The main floor is called The Candy Store. I was hoping that it was an actually candy story, I'm a fan of candy, but it's actually just what there dinning room is called.

Either way, the food was amazing and so was the view. I love how everything felt like a port town. I'm not actually sure what qualifies a town as a port town, but I just love the idea. After lunch, we headed to the Breakers Mansion, which took up the remainder of our afternoon because it's so big....

The Breakers Mansion was built in 1893, by the Vanderbilts. Whew, and it's crazy big, with seventy rooms. A visit to the Breakers Mansion includes an audio guided tour. You can walk through each room while listening to all the intricate details of how it was built and how the family lived. It's all very fascinating and incredibly beautiful. I felt like I was in Downton Abbey, which was so fun!

Our last stop of the day was along ocean drive where I got to see my very first light house. It was so exciting! By the end of the day I was completely wiped out, so it was a quick viewing, but it was so lovely. What adventures have you been on lately? xo. Samantha