Last week I spent a week in my home town. Growing up there I never really thought about how beautiful it was or  how unique. Going back really reminded me of how much I really do love it. I wanted to drive all over town and take pictures of everything.

This week is the final #thelensrevolution challenge. Can you believe? This challenge is coming to an end. But, don't you worry, I'm really excited because I have more photography fun headed your way! This week's challenge is all about having fun and experiencing your city. I want you to get outside, visit your favorite places, and experience your city through the lens. Capture your favorite places and be a tourist in your town.


1.) FIND THE HIDDEN PLACES : Some of the best things to photograph in your city are hidden. Or they are places you've never thought to photograph before. Those hidden places can be the most beautiful and unique. Search for those hidden place, find the beauty in the unseen.

2.) CAPTURE THE DETAILS : Some of the most beautiful photos are found in the details. Look for those little details around your city. Whether is a unique sign, a small flower, a grassy field, or a leaf from your favorite tree capture those details.

3.) LOOK FOR HISTORY : I think history is so beautiful. It tells so many stories and allows us to look back on where our cities have come from. I think some of the most beautiful photos are those that tell a story and history has such a beautiful story.

4.) GO FOR A DRIVE : Some of the most fun photographs I have taken in my home town were during a drive I had taken. I grabbed my camera, got in the car and started driving. If I saw something beautiful, I would pull over and capture what I thought was beautiful.

5.) MAKE IT FUN : Capturing your city should be fun, not overwhelming. Sometimes I get stuck on finding the perfect lighting, which is really important, but don't let it take away from finding places to photograph or from having fun. Get out there and try different things.

I really want this week to be lots of fun. I want you to take everything you've learned and spend time capturing your city. Whether you live in a small town or a big city, you can find unique beauty everywhere. Have any photography questions? Send them my way. xo. Samantha