LOCATION: New York City, NY // DETAILS: Aviators (similar)  ||  Fitted boyfriend Oxford || She Is Strong tee ||  Navy Midi Shorts (similar)   ||  New Balance Sneakers (similar

When we plan to go to New York City we usually plan to go for the day and we're usually planning to do a lot of walking (miles and miles.) Because of all the walking we do and all the time we spend outside, I really like think about what my "must haves" are when planning a day trip.

We love being outside and we love the opportunity to walk through the city because it's so beautiful and you can see so much. You can see the small details of the city; the colors, the textures, and the people.


1.) DRESS IN LAYERS : It's not super hot in the city yet and on cloudy days it can feel a little cool. Having layers was really important because I knew that layers would add dimension to my outfit and keep me warm. I chose a heavy button up because I knew if I got a little chilly I could button it up, but I could also unbutton it if I got to warm.

2.) WEAR COMFY SHOES : Sneakers are my jam all the time and they are a must when walking around the city all day. You don't have to sacrifice style when wearing sneakers. Pick bright bold colors when choosing your sneakers and pair them with something fun.

3.) DON'T STRESS ABOUT YOUR HAIR : When we started our day in the city my hair was down. I knew that as the day went on that I would probably end up throwing it up, so I grabbed a hair tie and some bobby pins.  I don't like to stress about my hair when I'm out, nobody has time for that. :)

4.) WEAR COTTON : Cotton is breathable and super comfy. I love wearing items that I'm going to be comfortable in all day.

5.) BRING YOUR SMILE :  A smile is the most beautiful thing we can put on. :) Even when I'm tired from walking the city the whole day if I start and end with a smile, it's a lovely day.

New York City is so beautiful in the Spring. Preparing for a day trip with my must have items keeps me well dressed and ready to take on the city. :) What are your must have items when going on a day trip? xo. Samantha