I'm an avid water drinker. It's not to often that I crave anything else. But I've been super curious about these Starbucks Vias. I saw these strawberry lemonade ones at the grocery store and thought they would be perfect for Spring. The individual via packets require 16 ounces of water and I knew that would be a perfect drink for two.

A grabbed two mason jars, emptied the via equally into both jars, filled each jar with water and then added a few lemons. I loved how easy these drinks were to make and they were actually surprisingly more delicious  then I thought. They are the perfect combination of strawberry and lemon and they aren't too sweet. 

My favorite thing about these vias is how perfectly they accommodate two drinks. It was so easy to mix together these vias and store them in the fridge for a picnic or a day at the pool.  What is your favorite spring drink? xo. Samantha