Change is rather fascinating, don't you think? Change happens all the time in our lives ... things are always changing. Every once in a while I think back on how carefree things felt as a child. I feel as though change happened less then and when it did occur I think my mom did her best to shield me from the shock of change.

Sometimes I like to think I'm a pro at handling change. But every once in a while when everything is changing all at once it seems to come crashing all around me. It falls on me like a heavy weight and I'm left trying to figure everything out as quickly as possible.

During those heavy weighted days I usually have to slow down and think about how best to manage the changes that are headed my way. Otherwise, I feel like I'm spinning and full of anxiety. 

1.) TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME : When lots of change is on the horizon I usually spend a lot of time thinking ahead about things I can't actually work on. I spend time thinking about anything and everything. I have to remind myself to take one day at a time. I can't accomplish everything in one day and most of the time things unfold on their own in a way that I am able to manage them a little bit at a time.

2.) MAKE A LIST : If I don't make a list of all the changes that are happening and everything that I have to take care of it all gets stuck in my head. Making a lists allows me to clear my mind. Write down what needs to be done, and create a timeline of when things need to take place. This is when I usually breath a sigh of relief because I am able to see that everything is happening over time.

3.) CREATE MARGIN : Make time for yourself and do things that you love. When I get wrapped up in all the changes that are happening all my energy goes to trying to figuring everything out. Since it's not actually possible to do everything all at once, it's better for me to find time to rest and not think about everything that is going on. Exercise is one thing that I really enjoy in my margin time. Going for a run or getting a work out in provides me with a sense of normality.

4.) LAUGH AT THE HARD STUFF : Some things are just hard and complicated, it's better and way more fun to laugh at them. When things feel overwhelming and a little impossible I usually laugh at them because it seems more amusing then anything. Plus, laughing always makes us feel better.

5.) TRUST IN JESUS : Usually when I'm overwhelmed it's because I'm not trusting Jesus. I'm trying to control and figure everything out myself. When I'm struggling I ask friends to pray for me. I know that if I just let go and trust Jesus then all my anxieties will fall away.

Are you in a season with lots of change? What are ways that you have learned to manage and deal with change? xo. Samantha