LOCATION: White Plains, NY // DETAILS: Under Armour Get Going Shorts (similar)  || Under Armour Fly By Razor Back (similar)   ||  Asics (similar) || LowePro Photo Hatchback (similar)

Last week I shared a few top hiking bags for your camera. After all that research and picking up a new camera we decided we were going to pick up one of our favorite bags; the LowePro Photo Hatchback. We stopped by Best Buy over the weekend and we were able to test out the hatchback. My research was based off of the 22L and the one we ended up testing was the 16L, which was a little smaller.

The smaller size actually worked really well for us. It was just the right size for me to carry. Any larger and it would have been too big for me. It also holds all of our gear, plus extras. During my last trip to Joplin I carried all of my gear in a cross-body Swiss Gear bag. We love SwissGear, but I've learned that carrying that much gear in a cross-body is too heavy. I need a regular pack that distributes the weight evenly.

The LowePro Hatchback can carry both of our camera's; Nikon D300 and Nikon D700 with lenses attached and still have room to spare. If needed we could also include our Nikkor 55-300. That still leaves room for canteens and plenty of snacks. The hatchback has plenty of pockets, room for an ipad and padded straps.

Tyler and I wanted a pack that was a good size for both of us to carry. Most of the hikes we tackle we do together so for the most part we'll both carry a pack. This pack is perfect for our gear and our snacks. We decided that this pack would be a perfect travel common; large enough for all of our needs, but small enough to fit under the seat of an airplane. I'm so excited that we are better prepared for more outdoor adventures and that our equipment will be well protected. What are some of your favorite packs? Which bags are you carry your gear in when going on hikes? xo. Samantha