Friends, lenses by themselves are a whole new learning curve for me. I have spent a lot of years understanding the dynamics of photography, without giving a lot of weight to really learning lenses, aside from the ones of I purchased. I decided we would talk lenses today and I would share about the lenses I currently use and have used. I would love to learn about your lenses too. Fill me in on what your shooting with and some of your favorite lenses.

When I first started shooting, I started with the kit lens that came with my camera, which was an 18-55mm. Most starter DSLR's come with a kit lens. It wasn't anything fancy but it was great at just getting started. I spent all my spare time following photographers and learning from them. One day I was scrolling though facebook and I saw someone say to another, "you better not be shooting with a kit lens."  And this point I was still shooting with a kit lens and I sheepishly felt attacked, even though the comment wasn't toward me. I was unaware of any other context of the conversation, but because of how it made me feel I want to say to all of you shooting with a kit lens, you are totally rocking it. Don't stress about what lens you do or don't have, focus on your craft and move along at your own pass. Upgrading lenses is a good thing, but if you're not in the place right now, have fun with what you do have.

The first lens I purchased after my kit lens was the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8. I think most purchase this lens as their "first." I was over the moon when Tyler surprised me with it for Christmas. I finally felt like I was taking the pictures I was hoping for. At the time I was shooting with a Nikon D60, which has been retired for years and years and I started shooting with the 50mm in 2010. While I was over the moon about shooting with the 50mm, my D60 didn't have an internal focus motor, which means when I started shooting with my 50mm I was also focusing manually. It was a great learning experience for me. It was frustrating at times, but it forced me to really be in the camera. And I was lucky to have great friends that were patient with me as I learned.

After my 50mm lens I decided to purchase the Nikkor 55-300mm. Initially I purchased the lens because I knew if I was going to shoot weddings, then I needed a good zoom lens. Out of all my lenses I actually shoot with this one the least. We mostly use this lens if we know we are going to be at an event of some kind and we know we'll want to use the zoom.

Our most recent lens purchase was the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8. We have had so much fun with this lens. Our Nikon D300 isn't full frame, so the 35mm allowed us to shoot wider which was super awesome. Our newest camera the Nikon D700 is full frame, so we actually use the 50mm on the D700 and the 35mm on the Nikon D300.

Out of all the lenses we use the 50mm is a solid portrait lens. The 35mm is also great for portraits, but I've noticed there is a little bit of distortion around the edges, especially if we shoot tight. For the camera's we have and the type of shooting we do, the 50mm and the 35mm are perfect for us. We do a lot of photos on the go and these two lenses are perfect for that. In regards to photography and lenses, I would have to say I'm a stronger portrait photographer then a landscape photographer. There a tons of lenses for landscape and nature photography that I have yet to explore. That may have to be our next adventure. Have any questions about lenses? I would love to hear them! xo. Samantha