We're on round two of moving across the country and both seem pretty interesting. Our first relocation experience happened one week after Tyler and I got married. Tyler was living in Burbank, CA and I was living in Joplin, MO. Tyler traveled home for our wedding, as we are both from Joplin, and one week after the wedding we loaded a moving truck and made our way West.

We're in the process of our second relocation and it started back in January. It's been a really interesting process. But let's fast forward to this past month, because it's been this last month that our relocation has felt more permanent. We've moved into a new space, we've traveled to retrieve our belongings, and we've spent a lot of time camping on our living room, ha! With our recent move, and feeling like we have become accustomed to moving across the country I thought I would share 5 tips to encourage you.


1.) STAY ORGANIZED : Relocating is overwhelming, having to gather all your belongings, move all your stuff, change your address, find a new place to live, and learn you community. Whew, it's a lot. Staying organized can help keep your mind clear. There were a few days were I felt so overwhelmed by everything. But, I took a break and made a list. I got things organized, created a timeline and knew I only had a few things to do each day.

2.) BE FLEXIBLE : With this most recent relocation, we have had to be really flexible, and staying flexible helped make things easier. We were staying in corporate housing for our first few months here. Then in June our corporate housing ended and our new space wasn't available to move in yet. We did a lot of couch surfing and even after we moved into our space all we had was our clothes and toiletry items. It was necessary to stay flexible. :)

3.) TAKE IT SLOW : During our first relocation to SoCal, I didn't take it slow. I dove right in and it was a really difficult experience for me. I didn't give myself enough time to learn our new area and process everything that had happened. During this second relocation I learned from that first experience and decided to take things slow.

4.) LEARN YOUR COMMUNITIES  : Because we had a period of staying in corporate housing I had an opportunity to learn different communities in our area. We knew what types of areas we wanted to live in and I started to get a feel for which ones we like best and which ones were closest to Tyler's work. Learning these communities provided lots of encouragement moving forward.

5.) ASK ABOUT RELOCATION : Relocation assistants was provided for this move and it helped tremendously. During our first move relocation assistance wasn't provided, but after talking with a friend we learned that when moving for a job you should always ask. The worst that could happen is they would say no, but if they say yes, you'll have help on the way.

Are you in the process of a move? Haveyou recently relocated to a new place? What are some things that really helped you in your process? xoxo. Samantha