Summertime means eating lots of popsicles , right? They are so lovely and refreshing and this warm weather had me inspired to create some that were really delicious and really healthy.  I've been eating lots of Greek yogurt and berries for breakfast and I thought it would be perfect to turn my breakfast into summertime pops. I whipped up these strawberry Greek yogurt pops last week and they were perfect for a morning breakfast treat.


METHOD : Blend together strawberries, yogurt, and honey.  Once your strawberries, yogurt and honey is blended, set aside. Before pouring your strawberry blend into popsicle molds drop your whole blueberries in. Drop a few blueberries in at a time while pouring your strawberry blend over the blueberries. This will distribute your blueberries evenly.  Freeze popsicles until frozen solid, about 4 to 5 hours. Enjoy!

My favorite thing about these strawberry pops are the whole blueberries inside. I also love that I can eat them for breakfast. These popsicles have me wondering what other healthy treats I can whip up. Do you have any favorites I should try? xoxo. Samantha