LOCATION: Pleasantville, NY // DETAILS: Modcloth Dress (similar)  || Cowgirl boots (similar)   ||  Belt (similar) || Circle Necklace(similar)  ||  Hat(similar)

Cowgirl boots are a summer staple for me. I wait all year long to wear them. I couldn't tell you why I only wear them in summer, but apparently it's a thing for me, ha! I remember the first timepulled my boots out this summer, slipped them on and then I wondered, "are people going to look at me funny?" I haven't seen one pair of cowgirl boots around here and I wondered if I was going to stick out like a sore thumb.

I set my silly concerns aside and decided I would rock my cowgirl boots all summer, because cowgirl boots are so me. Plus, I always appreciate the opportunity to go against the grain. Pairing cowgirl boots with a summer dress is also right up my alley. Let's not forget how crazy comfortable cowgirl boots are.

It had been a while since Tyler and I had done a shoot together, whew. We were feeling rusting, but we ended up having lots of fun, getting caught in the rain and taking lots of photos. This outfit was so fun to put together too; mixing styles with my boots and a fun hat. Style is whatever we want to make of it; it's all our own, and can be loads of fun. What are some of you favorite summer staples? xoxo. Samantha