Summer is in full bloom... wait that's spring. Summer is charging full steam head... Basically summer is here. :) At least for this year I have learned that compared to Missouri, summer's seem relatively mild here. It hasn't been to crazy hot. There have been more days with windows up then windows closed and it's been pretty nice.

With such lovely warm summer days I was inspired to experiment with some sun-kissed tea. I love summer iced tea, it's so refreshing. I would say I love sweet tea, but really, I love tea that is barely sweetened, ha!

I started with a small mason jar and a bag of peppermint tea. And the best part was having the tea steep outside in the warm summer sun. I cut up some yummy strawberries, dropped them in the tea and my strawberry mint tea was ready to go.

I'm really loving these fruit infused teas. I have a handful of different teas that I would love to experiment with and mix in different fruit, it would be perfect for summer nights around the camp fire. What's inspiring your summer theses days?