If I had you over, I would like to think we would sit outside on the patio. It's generally always shaded and things have started to cool down around here. We would pick out our favorite drinks from my refrigerator, which would only include water, ha! But then I would remember I have some Starbucks Vias in the cabinet. I would choose water, because that's really all I drink and you'd end up surprising me with your drink choice, because we're still getting to know each other.

I'm rather quite used to new friends, that's what moving around does to ya. We would start by chatting about our week. How things have been and how things might be going. We would chat about the weather, because even though it's small talk, the weather really is beautiful and the breeze it's just lovely. We would talk about things we're going to work on and possible plans for next week. Eventually we would move inside, because gracious, those patio chairs really aren't that comfortable.

Our space is small, but I love having people over so I'm always ready to make it work. We would go inside and I would crack a joke or two about sitting anywhere seeing as there are only a few spots. I would point out the progress we've made at turning our tiny house into a home. We've hung things on the wall including our large vintage window from our wedding. And I would point out that our office space is coming together. Tyler hung one of our vintage crates on the wall and I would share how much I really enjoy the standing desk that Tyler built us. I would point out that there are only a few small things we have left to accomplish before things are pretty much set.

I would tell you that things are starting to slow down a little bit and how nice that feels. Summer was busy and schedules were crazy and it feels good to get back into a routine. I would share how Tyler and I are about to start our workout routine again and how excited I am about it. Working out is tough, but I always feel so much better when I do. Our time together would be slow and quiet. We would hear the rustling of the trees and the birds outside, only on occasion would we hear a car drive by.

Our time together would come to an end and we would say our goodbyes. After I see you out, I would pick up a few things and start getting dinner ready. I would think about all the moving Tyler and I have done, all the different people we have met and all the things we have learned. My heart would ache a little as a part of me would miss that feeling of having someone know you for the last 10 years or so. Friendships take time and moving cuts some short. Heart talk doesn't happen all the often and vulnerabilities are often hidden. It takes time to get to those places. But then I would remember how Jesus always  has a place and plan for us. I would look around at our tiny space and see the over abundant blessings in our lives. And I would remember how much I trust and know that Jesus has all things worked out. xoxo. Samantha