I figured it was time for a little life lately, right? It's been a while and I'm trying to be more intentional about sharing more life snip-its with you guys. First, let's talk about last week. We'll get that one out of the way because... well... I cried a lot. Man, being a girl is hard, am I right?  I was emotional, a little discouraged, a little desperate, and a little lost. I'm officially blaming it on crazy brain. Please tell me you know what crazy brain is. After I moved past the crying I called my mom. Moms make everything better folks. We talked and I felt better in the end. I also did lots of praying and that helped too.

After I moved past the crying, things started to look up. We went to an outdoor movie last weekend, which was super fun. We watched Indian Jones in an outdoor amphitheater right along the Hudson River. It was a little humid, but not too bad and I totally got ice cream. We went with some friends of ours and it was a really nice evening. Now that I think about it last weekend was really busy. That same weekend we also went to the REI garage sale and had lunch with friends on Sunday. Being that busy on a weekend isn't super normal for us.

Apparently we weren't cut out for a crazy fun filled weekend because on Monday Tyler woke up sick and was home from work for two days. He headed in to work on Monday, but came home at lunch. So things were pretty quiet on Monday and Tuesday. Lots of Netflix was watched and lots of soup and crackers were ate. Tyler headed back to work on Wednesday and then guess who else got sick? That's right, I did. But only for Wednesday. We both woke up Thursday feeling pretty good.

So here we are. It's Friday and we're about to embark on a new weekend. Tyler is off today and I'm pretty jazzed about that. We had plans to go to the beach but we're expecting lots of rain today so we'll just see what this weekend has in store.


So here's the thing, when your out having fun snapping photos, don't worry about getting perfect photos. Life isn't meant to be perfect and we're supposed to be capturing life through the lens, so it just makes sense that not every photo will be perfect either. Instead, think about the story your are trying to capture and focus on that. Tyler and I take our camera out with us all the time. But we're not thinking about capturing the perfect photo, we're thinking about capturing our story. And sometimes by surprise, we'll capture something really dreamy. In the end the story is what you want to remember anyways. :)

Until next time!