We all have choices and we make plenty of choices every day about our lives. When I quit my day job that was a choice. It was a hard and scary choice. When I quite I didn't think I would be out of the typical workforce for so long, I quit March of 2013, it's been over two years. That is a really scary thought sometimes. Though I quit my day job when I did, I still looked for work. Yes, I had plans to open an Etsy shop and build a lifestyle blog, but I also knew that if I was able to find work, even something part time it would be good for our finances.

When I quit my day job, financially on paper we couldn't afford it. On paper we didn't make enough money. But we made a choice to trust in Jesus and because of that choice Jesus provided for us in huge amazing ways.


I remember looking for jobs weekly and applying to lots of different jobs and out of every single job I applied to I didn't hear back, not even for an interview. I did that for a whole summer. Because of all the job searching and coming up empty, I was trusting that Jesus had me right where he wanted me so I took a break from job searching.


I went through Fall and Christmas and the beginning of 2014 and remained focus on my shop and blog. I had even started working as the assistant manager of our apartment complex. Then the summer rolled around and I thought it would be a good time to look for work again, this was the summer of 2014. I spent a few months looking, applied to a few different things and again heard nothing. Hearing nothing back was a first time for me. Of course, I didn't always hear back from every job, but I always heard back from a few. I spent one afternoon writing in my prayer journal. And I heard Jesus clearly when He told me to wait and stop looking for a job.


Stepping back from looking for work was tough to hear because I thought I was ready, but I trusted that Jesus had something in store, so I stop looking. Fast forward and here we are. Another summer, but a new place. We are living right smack dab in the middle of what Jesus had told me to wait for. Everything leading up to these moments were all comprised of choices. Choices to step out in faith and trust Jesus.  We all have the opportunity to make choices, to do things differently, to do that which is going to be best for us, to do that which Jesus has laid before us. The art of making choices lies with trust. Trusting in Jesus and letting go of trying to control things yourself.

We can all make choices to change something in our life. It may be scary and it may seem impossible, but it's a choice and we can make it. I made a choice this summer to look for work again, and it's been hard and has caused me lots of tears. I have had many days were I haven't felt like I'm enough and days were I want to give up. But those are choices too. It's tough, but one choice I know I can make without a doubt is trusting Jesus. I know that no matter what, Jesus is in control and has a plan laid out for me.

What choices are you wanting to make in your life? What is holding you back?

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