Interested in strengthening your photography skills? Start taking your camera with you every where. Practicing photography on the go has done two things for Tyler and I. One, it has challenged us in new ways, because photography on the go puts you in lots of different circumstances, forcing you to stretch those photography muscles. Two, it has captured all of our memories for us. Both, great things if you ask me.

I used to be a tad hesitant to taking my camera with me every where, mostly because I knew it would stretch me and to be honest, sometimes I wasn't always interested in being stretch. But photography on the go can be so fun and so rewarding. You'll see things you may have not noticed before.


If you find yourself inside a building look for the nearest windows. Often times when Tyler and I are at restaurants, I'll ask to be sat near a window, because I need all that natural light to capture great photos. The most important thing is to find as much natural light as possible. If you're in a place that doesn't have any natural light, don't be discouraged, it simply means your photography muscles will be stretched in a different way. Bump up that ISO and lower that aperture. Either way, you'll come away with lots of memories.


Often times when shooting on the go, I'm just sure that everyone and their mom is staring at me. I'm not actually sure if they really are and their world doesn't revolve around me so it's likely that no one is staring at me. But if you find yourself having the feeling that every time you pick up your camera someone looks over, well ignore it. There isn't anything else you can do, but shake it off. You won't remember them and they won't remember  you after you leave, so shake it off and capture some memories.


Tyler is actually really great at this. Tyler will get up, walk around and take in all the different things there are to see. This is great as you are able to really capture your surroundings.  You're able to capture the big things and the little things. You're able to see different perspectives and capture details too.


There have many a handful of times that Tyler and I have been asked not to take photos.  The places at which this has happened have all been similar, so we always ask the proprietor if we think it might be an issue. We most recently visited a restoration antique shop and before snapping any photos we asked the proprietor if photography was allowed. He welcomed our photos and even turned on a a few lights for us. When in doubt, always ask.


One of the greatest things about picture making is the ability to tell a story. We have an opportunity to share with others the story we saw and the story we want to share. When snapping your photos on the go, think of the story you want to tell. Think about how each photo will tell something to your audience and think about what emotions your images will evoke.

Photography on the go can be a real joy and over time carrying your camera around with you every where will become second nature. And you never know, you may be out taking photos and someone may ask for your services. :)

What are some of your tips and tricks on the go? What has been one of your favorite experiences you shot while on the go? What is one of your favorite lenses to shoot with while on the go?