A few weekends ago we celebrated the last days of Summer. We went to the lake and oh gracious, it was so lovely. I could spend every day at the lake, on the water, next the water... I love the lake. Not only did we go the the lake, but we were able to squeeze in one last summer inspired style shoot. We had nice warm days the weekend right before Fall was here, and it was a perfect weekend to celebrate the last days of summer with bright bold colors and my favorite camera strap.

Guys, I have super rad friends for a few reasons. One, they encourage, challenge, and help me to achieve my dreams. They help me brainstorm ideas, the pray with me thorough the hard times, and they send me the sweetest gifts, like my custom Fotostrap. Here's the thing, I've looked through tons of different photo straps and I always come back to Fotostraps. One main reason is because Tyler and I both use each of our cameras, so I like to have straps that are male and female friendly. It wouldn't really work to have a super girly strap that would look silly on Tyler. I love straps that look great and girls and guys. So, let's keep going with this and chat about the benefits of a great Fotostrap.


Okay, guys, let's be real. I used the strap that came with my camera for years and it's not the most uncomfortable thing ever. It works, right? It does what it's supposed to do, its hold your camera around your neck, ha! But guys, custom photo straps are so much more comfortable, and Fotostraps are so so comfortable, with a leather shoulder pad and a canvas strap.


Who else carries their camera cross-body? Yes, me too. Fotostraps have an extra long strap which makes them so much more flexible and user friendly. The straps that come with you camera are pretty short. I love how long and flexible the Fotostraps are. They are the perfect length for both, Tyler and I, which is great since we often switch cameras. I love how easy they hang cross-body and how I can easily swing it around to snap a photo.


I had never really thought about this one, but I love how easy you can brand yourself with a great photo strap. For one, you can get you own monogrammed logo with Fotostrap. Second, if your out shooting locally, your Fotostrap will become apart of your brand and people will start to recognize you by your Fotostrap.


At first the thought of a Fotostrap may not be subtle, but removing the strap that your camera came with and swapping it for a Fotostrap means that your not sharing with the world the type of camera you have. Think about this when your out traveling or in a busy tourist area, you never know who might be eyeing the crowd for something valuable to steal. I know, I might be being dramatic, but hey, you really don't want to publicize that you're carrying a thousand dollar camera around your neck. 


From a girl who likes to save her pennies, I'll be the first one to say that purchasing a great Fotostrap is an investment. It's something that you'll purchase, but that you won't have to purchase again. Once you have one you're good to go. So, take the plunge and treat yo'self. Or give one as a gift. It's a great, great gift for photographers.

  • SHOT DETAIL: Nikon D700 + 50L
  • ISO: 250, F-stop: 2.5, Shutter Speed 1/200
  • SHOT DETAIL: Nikon D700 + 50L
  • ISO: 250, F-stop: 2.5, Shutter Speed 1/200

Guys, what are some of your favorite camera straps? I totally want to know. What are some of the favorite things about your favorite straps? 

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