I've recently been thinking a lot about the pace at which my journey has moved along, how fast or how slow I feel things have gone. I year ago I would have spent time thinking that things were moving slow, wondering why things hadn't gone faster or hadn't blossomed like others.  But recently this concept of pace has changed. Tuesday, I shared how things are currently transitioning and changing and how my journey has changed over time.

Through this reflection I was reminded of something. If things had moved along faster with my handmade zip pouches and grew quickly, then I wouldn't be here now and I may have found myself wrapped up in something I wasn't passionate about. Jesushad me moving along at exactly the pace he wanted for me.  Through each season I was learning something and coming to a better understanding of myself.


If any of the ventures I tackled before now grew crazy fast and been crazy successful then I may have never came back to the one thing I am most passionate about, photography. And with this current season, this is the first time I have wanted things to move along more slowly. I have wanted to spend more time behind-the-scenes, really developing how I want this space to come along and making sure I'm well versed in the things I want to share with you.

I think some people know exactly the path they want to go down, they know what they are passionate about and they are able to chase after it. That hasn't always been the case with me and that's okay. I have found great peace and a whole lot of grace looking back over my creative journey these last two years. Looking back on the things I've tackled, seeing how I've grown, and being okay with the changes, allowing for a better understanding of myself.


So I want to encourage you, don't rush ahead. Find grace in the pace at which you are moving. Find grace in knowing that you have a great opportunity to get to know yourself and your strengths. And find grace in knowing that Jesus has you moving along at just the right speed. The pace at which we move along is so unique to who we are and the journey that Jesus has for us.

I want this space to be well developed and I want you to see me in it. I want it to be uniquely me, I don't want it to be a reflection of what else is happening online. I want to create something beautiful. A community of photography lovers, with a passion for life, full of dreams, and bound in Jesus.

How is your journey coming along? Areyou working on finding grace in the pace at which you are moving? Remember not to rush ahead, but instead relish in the time you have to learn yourself. 

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