Hi guys! Welcome to our tiny house! I hope you feel like you've stepped right into our home and are getting your own personal tour. We've spent the last few months making this tiny space home and aside from some tiny missing details things have finally come together. For those who are just learning about our tiny space, I'll share a few details. We live in a 325sqft tiny house in a tiny little village named Pleasantville.

When ever I say 325sqft, our tiny house no longer feels that small. It has turned out to be a perfect space for us and we have worked hard to utilize all the space we have. Within our 325sqft we have been able to create 5 different spaces; a living room, a bedroom, a work space, a dining space and a kitchen. We think we're doing pretty good. :)

Our living space consistent of two main pieces. Our couch and our TV cabinet. We spent a lot of time thinking about couches and our space. We were hoping to find a couch that included some kind of storage sleeper, but was also small. That turned out to be more difficult then we hoped. We found a cute good size love seat at Ikea and we were good to go. We also found this cabinet at Ikea. We stumbled onto it in the kitchen department because technically it's considered an "island" but we knew it would be perfect for our living space.

One of the first things we built for our tiny house was a custom storage bed. We have one closet and we knew that one closet would house all of our clothes, including all of our coats and winter items. We didn't want to have any dressers, so we worked hard at getting all of our clothes in there. Because we only had one closet we knew we needed at least one another space for storage, so we decided on creating a storage bed. We wanted our storage bed to not only provide storage, but also include shelving.

Everything about our work space had to be custom because we were creating in a small space and we also needed to create storage. We started by building a standing desk. I'm all about standing desks so Tyler built one custom to my size. We had different pieces we wanted to incorporate into our work space, so we got creative and used our vintage crates as drawers. Tyler also built us a custom cabinet with drawers.

Our kitchen and dining space are opposite the "bedroom." The kitchen was one of our favorite things about the space. With granite counter tops, nice new appliances, and tons of storage, there wasn't much more we could ask for. Our dining bar came with chairs which was nice and we love the hanging lights. We also really loved the cedar back splash.

I feel like I should have more to say about our tiny house, but things are pretty simple. There are only so many things you can talk about with 325sqft. One thing that I am most proud of is that everything we own is in our tiny little house. We spent a lot of time going through items and purging things we didn't need and we're still not done.  We have plans to keep going through our stuff and continue to minimize.  All in all we really do love our tiny house.

Have you been in a recent move? Are you trying to put your space together? What are your thoughts on tiny living?