Since sharing a tour of our tiny house, I thought it might be fun to share some tips for photography your home. Sometimes it can be really  tough, but it can also be really fun! Our space is so tiny and tight that I had to get creative with tucking myself into corners to get everything I wanted in the shot, haha! I really loved photography our home though. It helped me to see all the little details and gave me a lot of appreciation for our tiny space.


If you are able to do this it will help tremendously at properly lighting your home. You want the light to be streaming in as evenly as possible and you want everything well lit to photograph. Our home is the brightest in the early morning and in the late afternoon. When I shot these photos of our home I shot between 2:00pm and 3:00pm. I have to keep tabs on light in our house, ha! We have so many trees that block the light. 


Even when our home is the brightest there are still areas or corners that are lacking light. When photography our tiny house I wanted everything to be well lit so I could highlight all the details. Using a tripod sealed the deal and I was able to capture our home in the best light. The tripod is so important because it allows you to have a long shutter exposure letting in lots of pretty bright light.


Shooting in natural light and shooting with my tripod sets me up for the best picture I am able to achieve. Shooting in raw allows me to take it to the next level. Even if my photos aren't as bright as I would like them to be or the temperature or tone of the photo is off, I can make those adjustments in post and shooting in raw allows me to make those changes.


There are certain things I love in our home and others things that aren't necessarily my favorite. For our tiny house tour, I did my best to photograph everything, but I found myself highlighting the things that I loved most.  I also took note of details, like smashed pillows and I took the time to fluff them before the shoot. Taking notice of those details will go a long way. Before taking photos of your home take a look around for any details that you would like to "fluff." For me it was folding our couch blankets and fluffing our pillows.


Avoid taking photos of your home at crazy angles. Shooting straight allows the viewer to see your home at a more natural view. Visitors in your home usually don't view your home at crazy angles and when we photograph our home we want to share it with others as though they are coming over to visit.

Guys, photography our homes can be such a joy. After I finished snaping all the photos for our tiny house tour I was reminded how much I loved our home and how blessed we are. Have you done a house tour? What are some of your favorite things to photograph in your home? What have been some struggles you've ran into when photography your home?

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