Last week I shared five ways to start growing in your photography and one of thing I encouraged ya'll to do was to shoot everyday. Guys, It's so hard to want to shoot every day, but I've learned that shooting every day doesn't mean things have to come out perfect. What's important is simply taking out ours cameras every day and stretching ourselves. These photos were all snapped on a Sunday, right after church. Tyler was outside splitting some wood and when I stepped outside it was a moment that I wanted to capture.


When I brought my camera out to take these photos, I knew that it probably wasn't the best lighting. It wasn't lighting that I would prefer, but I didn't let that stop me. I wanted to capture the moment. The sun was high in the sky and streaming nicely through the trees. We had plenty of shade, but we also had splotchy light. I'm not really a fan of splotchy light, but I didn't want that to keep me from taking photos and capturing our moments.


Tyler was splitting wood, that is what I loved about these photos. I love that we live in a place where we split wood for our fire pit and I wanted to capture that moment. Tyler is always reminding me to take pictures for us, to take pictures for the memory of our lives, not just photos for the blog. The moments we capture don't always have to come out as beautiful, well composed photos with the perfect light. The moments we capture document our stories.


The other thing that made these photos so great, was that we had fun. I asked Tyler to take pictures of me like a lumberjack, haha! Even though I didn't look like a lumberjack at all and I don't know how to split wood either, ha! But capturing the moment was so fun. We didn't let anything stop us. I didn't go inside to change clothes, we didn't move anything around, we just went for it and had fun.

One thing that I really want to encourage you guys with is to always make sure you're having fun. Learning photography can be tough. I remember when I was first learning I was so serious, because I wanted to get things just right. Tyler was constantly telling me to relax and have fun.  Capturing and embracing those everyday moments doesn't have to be a big planned photo shoot. You simply just have to take out your camera and have fun! :)

What have been some of your favorite moments that you've captured?