LOCATION: Chappaqua Train Station, NY // DETAILS: Her Sully Watch c/o|| Red Pixie Pants ||   Grey V-Neck  similar)   ||   Jean Jacket (similar) || Grey Chucks Him Delmar Watch c/o||  Blue Button Up (similar)  ||  Caramel Trousers ( similar) ||  Leather Boots (similar

I'm all about timing when it comes to taking photos and the importance of staying in a specific time frame when doing photo shoots. Every time we move I reassess where we live, how the trees and mountains are and the strength of the sun. I never thought I would think about the strength of the sun, but when I went from the Missouri to Florida and then from Missouri to Southern California I could definitely see a difference in the sun. But let's get back to timing.


When I think about timing I think of two different things. The first thing is keeping track of the setting sun. Whenever I do a shoot, I always check online for the exact time the sun will set in my region. For the most part, I know that the sun is going to set around 6:00pm, but I still check, because I also know that the sun will be setting at a completely different time a month from now. When I know the time of the setting sun I know that I want to start shooting a solid two hours before. I like to spend a good solid hour and a half shooting and I've learned that in this area the sun will fall behind the trees before it actually sets and I'll lose the light.

Not only do I keep track of when I want to start my shoot, but I also keep track of the time and light during the shoot as well. For this particular shoot we left our house at 4:30pm and started shooting a little before 5:00pm. As we shot I kept track of how the sun was setting because I wanted to make sure we still had enough light to take photos of Tyler. As the sun moves during a photo shoot I tend to move as well so stay with the light.


The second important thing about timing is to catch those beautiful impromptu moments, the ones that can't be timed. In every photo shoot there are moments that naturally unfold and as a photographer it's important to let those moments flow naturally and catch the little things that happen that aren't posed or directed. For this particular shoot Tyler was rolling up his sleeves, nothing that I would think to photograph, but when he went to un-bottom his sleeves I saw it, a beautiful natural moment. It is one of my favorite photos of the shoot as well.


Guys, I love bringing together style, timing, and functionality. And what better why to do all those things then with our Jord Wood Watches. Really quick, guys, we love these wooden watches. They are amazingly light weight and so unique. We love how they add a pop to our style and keep us on track during our shoots. The uniqueness, quality, and custom care are probably my favorite thing about these watches. I love how unique and different our watches are, they are full of rich tonal color and they have such unique shape and detail. They are great quality and each watch arrives already custom fitted.

Friends, timing for photo shoots is so important, especially if you are wanting to capture that golden light during sunset. It can be really tricky at times, but with lots of practice things get easier and tackling well timed photo shoots start to happen all the time. :)

How do you stay on time during photo shoots? What is your favorite time to shoot? 

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