Alright friends, today we're going to chat about the life expectancy of your camera, because one day it will die. Your digital camera won't last forever and one day you may press down that shutter release and then all things will go dark. Trust me, I've been there.

First, I want you to familiarize yourself with two words; camera actuations. Camera actuations is simply how many times your shutter has been released. Every time you hear the click of your shutter that adds up to your camera actuations or your camera's shutter count. This is especially important if you are purchasing or considering purchasing used camera bodies. You want to know how much life is left in the camera before you purchase.


All of my camera bodies have been purchased used. Our first purchase was the Nikon D60 and at that time I was completely unaware of camera actuations. We purchased it in 2009 and two years later at the end of 2011 I was on a senior photo shoot when my camera died. I had no idea what happened. I pressed the shutter and then everything went dark. Literally, I couldn't clearly see through the camera any longer.

A few months later I had my Nikon D300s. Just recently we added the Nikon D700 to our little Nikon family. It was during this purchase that I started to research camera actuations more intentionally. We knew the actuations of our D700 as the seller offered that information during our purchase, but I was still interested in finding out how to accurately determine our camera actuations for myself.


So, here is what I've learned, each camera has it's own amount of camera actuations. The amount of camera actuations can range from 30,000 clicks, to 100,000 clicks, to 200,000 clicks and more. When doing research for our D700 I learned that it can (no guarantees) average about 300,000 clicks. Which is encouraging, but because I know my camera has a life expectancy I do my best to not over click. When determining your own camera actuations average the best thing to do is start googling your specific camera actuations. For me I started searching Nikon D700 camera actuations and went from there. I know, I wish there was a better way then google, but we all have to start somewhere. :)


Determining the number of times you've clicked is different per manufacture. There is a different way to determine camera actuations between Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, and Olympus. Because I know we all are using different camera's I thought it would be the easiest to share this article with you. This article breaks down how you can determine the camera actuations for each of the manufactures mentioned above. For Nikon and Photoshop users, you should totally check out this articleThis article walks you through a simple way to determine your Nikon camera actuations through Photoshop.

Alright friends, that will do it. Remember that each camera has it's own life expectancy and that one day it will die. Sad, I know. But with knowing this information, it gives us a greater opportunity to make our cameras last longer.

Have you determined your camera actuations before? Are you thinking about buying a used camera body?

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