Hello friend, the holidays are upon us, aren't they? Thanksgiving is next week and not very long after that Christmas will be here as well. Fall will soon be winter, the trees will quiet and in our neck of the woods, the snow will begin to fall. This Fall has been a season that has allowed me to slow down, to be present in each moment and to take each day at a time. I'm hoping that same feeling fills our Christmas season as well. Tyler and I have been so grateful for the opportunities that we have to spend outside around our fire pit. Sipping warm drinks and being cozy around the fire.

This month, MegBeth, and I are coming together to bring you a special holiday TriStyle coffee date. And we want you to join in too! Let's all sit down with our drinks in hand and share how we've been doing, how we're anticipating the holidays, our favorite things, and our hopes and dreams. You may even want to head over to Lindsay Letters and grab your favorite mug.

I feel like a lot has been going on around these parts, but at the same time not so much. Things have been rather quiet. Tyler has been busy working and they just started crunch on their next movie, so he's been working a lot of over time. We've been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving. While we lived in California we always spent Thanksgiving with family. This year it looks like we may be starting new traditions. We're not quite sure how they will unfold, but we're bouncing around a lot of ideas. I'm mostly looking forward to Tyler having a four day weekend!

As for me, Jesus has given me lots of peace about this space and about possibilities of working outside of the home. I've applied to lots of different jobs, had one job offer that I turned down, and I'm finding grace in Jesus' perfect timing. I find lots of grace in taking each day as it comes and I've recently applied to a job, that I'm hopeful for, but to be perfectly honest, I'm doing my best to play it cool. Sometimes I always feel like I'm reaching for the impossible. But there is so much grace when reaching for the impossible, because it brings us perfectly into the arms of Jesus.

We're anxiously awaiting our holiday travels. We'll be heading back to Missouri to see our families. This is one of our favorite times of year as we don't get to see family that often. We cherish each moment, soak up each day, and enjoy all of our time with friends and family. This year we've decided to try to be better at planning things. In previous years we've winged it and missed seeing people that we really wanted, so this year we're changing it up a little. I also have a few photo shoots planned when we're home and I'm hoping to make it to Emma's (ABM) new bar with lots of friends in tow.

I've been trying to create more family traditions for Tyler and I. Things that are just for me and him, that allow us to enjoy the season and be intentional. This year, I'm doing an  Advent Photography Challenge. I'm rather excited about it. This will be our first year and I would love it if you would join in too! :)

We want to share in this holiday season with you! And we're giving away the most adorable Lindsay Letters Mug! *** GIVEAWAY CLOSED***

I'm planning on drinking lots of hot chocolate, watching lots of Christmas movies, making Christmas treats, jamming out to holiday tunes, and spending time with lots of loved ones. How about you friend, how are you? xoxo! Samantha