I'm turning 29 today and I kind of can't believe it. For the most part I forget that I'm a year away from 30, haha! I still feel like I'm in my early twenties, I think I'll probably keep it that way too. :) This past year has been a year of adventure, growth and lots of lots of grace. Amy wrote this really lovely birthday advice post and I really enjoyed it, so I decided I would jump on the birthday bandwagon. :)

This past year has been... whew... we moved across the country from Los Angeles to New York. We lived in corporate housing for 5 months, we found our tiny house in two weeks, we traveled to Missouri to get our belongings, I transitioned this space with new content, I started taking on portrait sessions again, and I have learned to say, "we'll just go with, " over and over again.  And through all that, Jesus has been faithful and shaped me in so many different ways.


I spent a lot of time this year thinking back on our time in Los Angeles and our time there was really hard. It was so hard at times that I wanted to run away, but regardless of how hard it was there are still things I miss about. And I've learned that even when things are hard, to embrace them, settle into them, and learn from them. No matter what each moment will pass and even the hard times can be fun.


Not just for others, but for yourself. We're all trying to do the best we can and we all need lots of grace. I am perpetually hard on myself and I have had to learn this year to give myself grace, upon grace, upon grace. That is actually a saying in our house now, grace, upon grace, upon grace. When we give others grace life is just sweeter.


No one else can tell you who you except Jesus and know one else can believe it but you. I spent a lot of time growing up trying to hide behind a tough exterior walls, but I'm really just a big softy. I think a lot of people try to hide because of fear or insecurities, but if our worth is found in Jesus we can be free to be exactly how He made us.

I  decided that 29 was going to be a bigger mile stone then 30, ha! So I'm hoping this month is filled with lots of birthday celebrations. And here is to a new year of learning! xoxo! Samantha