I have a thing for photographing cookies, I just think it's really fun. Photographing cookies, for me, comes with a sense of ease. Mostly because it's really difficult to mess up. For the most part the cookies aren't going to fall apart, you don't have to worry about them getting cold or melting. Cookies are pretty to look at and they are fun to eat, ha! So, here's to cookie styling. ;) I laughed so hard when coming up with the names of each of these, ha!


Cookies look cuter with props, right? Break out the milk, the cute mason jars, and the paper straws. Feeling gutsy, throw some ice cream in there, but for reals, that ice cream is going to melt. Pull out the cooling rack, throw in a cute towel, and you are on your way.


We've all seen it. The cookies piled high, one stacked on top of the other. How is it that cookies look so darn good, stacked up like that, for reals. Want to get crazy? Try that messing stack, it's going to take a little more strategic placement, but you've got this. ;) Stack those cookies high!


Lay them out flat, one right next to the other. Lay them out in their cookie glory. And for good measure throw in a glass of milk.


You can't go wrong with a good cookie dip. Everyone is going to stumble on to your cookie recipe and think, "hot dang! get in my belly!" Stack your cookies, throw in a glass of milk and get it there and dip that cookie.


You are now a pro at cookie styling! But, before we go, let's chat about technique. If you're shooting with props, specifically milk, you want to shoot against a dark background to provide constant. You also want to create constant with your cookies. If your cookies are dark like chocolate, consider setting your cookies on something light colored, but still maintaining a dark background. Experiment with different options to come up with your favorites. Use a tripod, this will make it easier to shoot sharp images and maintain a low ISO. Shoot in natural light, always. Use a light reflector, I use white foam boards for everything, it makes a huge difference.

What are some of you favorite ways to photograph cookies? What are some of your tried and true technique tips? xoxo! Samantha