LOCATION: Pleasantville, NY // DETAILS: Gracie Bag c/o Jo Totes || Blue Plaid Shirt (Similar) || Skinny Jeans (AE) || Boots (Timberland)  || Mustard Scarf (Northernly

It's time to talk camera bags, friends. Nearly all of my bags have to fit a camera inside, even if they aren't specific camera bags because I'm always taking my camera with me. And while fitting my camera into every single bag was working, it wasn't ideal. I'm kind of picky about camera bags, mostly because I want a camera bag to fit all my gear, but I also don't want it to be too big, it's that minimalist inside me.

Over the summer we picked up are hiking camera bag, which we absolutely love. It's perfect for all of our hiking trips and carries all of our gear. There was only one thing that wasn't working about our hiking bag... I couldn't really pair it with fun dates and it didn't work that well during photo sessions either.


1 |  LOTS OF SPACE : I knew I wanted a bag that was large enough to carry all my gear. I needed it to fit at least two camera bodies with lenses attached and a third lens, plus any other odds and ends.

2 |  ABLE TO WEAR CROSSBODY: I needed a bag that I could wear crossbodybecause during photo sessions I need to be able to easily access my bag without having to pull my bag of my back.

3 |  TRAVEL FRIENDLY : I wanted a bag that was travel friendly; fitting all my gear, plus other travel needs. I wanted to be able to wear it as a purse, hiding the fact that I was carry around a bunch of gear. And I wanted it to pair seamlessly with everyday outfits.

4 |  PROTECTIVE : A good camera bag is going to protect your gear and be versatile. I wanted a bag that I knew would do solid job of protecting my gear and providing lots of versatility inside the bag with adjustable inserts.

All those things came together for me in one amazing bag. TheGracie bag by Jo Totes. The Gracie was large enough to fit all my gear without feeling too big. It arrived with a crossbody strap, plus shoulder straps. It is amazingly well made, sturdy, protective, and has lots of adjustable pads.

One thing I really love about my Gracie bag is how well it pairs with everyday outfits. It's absolutely beautiful and it doesn't necessarily scream "hey! there are camera's in here!" haha! I also love how perfect the size is and I'm so excited to be traveling with it during this holiday season. Come back on Friday to see how I packed it for our travels and I'll share with you everything I fit inside. Are you in the process of holiday shopping? Grab a Jo Tote forthe photographer in your life! Have any questions about my Gracie bag? Let me know, I would love to answer them. xoxo! Samantha